Underpayment Recovery

Revenue Capture

Behind robust contract management systems, strong front line PFS staff, and third-party vendors, PARAREV’s STAT Revenue team collects millions of underpaid commercial and government insurance dollars. We go account by account to find your unique underpayment issues that are often missed by technology-based vendors. We get you every dime you’re due.

In our experience 1% of contractually due revenue will go unpaid, which could be a million-dollar mistake.

Our nationwide revenue cycle expertise combined with our in-depth knowledge of payer and coding issues enables us to quickly recover lost revenue. Even when working behind robust contract management systems, strong front-line PFS, or other third-party vendors, we ALWAYS deliver results. We work on a full contingency basis so we only get paid if you do.

Our uniquely tailored independent payment audit does not rely on software on top of software to identify underpayments. Programs have intrinsic limitations when dealing with complex reimbursement methodologies. Our approach gives us the flexibility to address your hospital’s unique underpayment issues often missed by technology-based vendors. Our human-based approach, combined with our proprietary database, makes for an incredibly strong review that consistently outperforms even the best contract management systems.

Once underpayments are identified and researched, our highly skilled team works on your behalf to collect that revenue from your payers. Our proven follow-up, appeals, and denials approach consistently results in collections for even the most challenging underpayment issues.

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