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Healthcare AR Management Case Study

How did one client generate more than $70 million in collections from highly-aged claims? By establishing a tiered AR management approach and using HFRI as their pre write-off (secondary) AR partner to work highly-aged accounts. Read this case study to find out how you can reduce write-offs and improve your accounts receivable today.


Finding Cash in Unlikely Revenue Stream

The COVID pandemic has left many hospitals struggling financially. Learn how one large health system was able to increase their cash flow through a unique aged AR project.



Automation & Analytics in RCM

For hospitals and health systems, external forces are converging to make it increasingly difficult to consistently optimize revenue cycle management and sustain predictable cash flow. During this webinar, we explore key areas where automation can improve your team’s performance, as well as where to apply visual deep dive analytics to stop revenue cycle problems before […]


RCM in 2021: Roadmap to a strong financial comeback

How prepared is your organization to bounce back from the COVID-19 financial challenges? This webinar will highlight three main areas that can help ensure the best possible financial outcomes in 2021 – optimizing staff efficiency, staying on top of current AR inventory changes and identifying where and how to maximize revenue.


Price transparency – clarifying the unknown

Due to high-deductible healthcare plans, patients have an increased financial responsibility which is forcing them to “shop” services, creating a need for meaningful and accessible price transparency. This webinar focuses on helping hospitals create solutions to achieve price transparency through rational pricing methodologies and easy-to-use patient cost estimates.


The future of RCM – How technology can bring an end to reimbursement uncertainty

2019 was a record-setting year when it came to hospital closures, and many of these closures stem from ever-changing reimbursement issues. Luckily there are proven methods of overcoming these issues and turning those problems into success. This webinar will dive into best practices for overcoming RCM obstacles to accelerate your collections and improve the patient experience.


What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You – A deep dive into how using intelligent automation can revolutionize your AR recovery

With insurance denials and payment delays at an all-time high, many hospital systems are seeking to use advanced automation technologies to increase efficiency for expedited insurance recovery. This webinar will present real-world examples featuring a how-to guide on getting started with implementing intelligent automation and robotic process automation (RPA) to accelerate AR recovery.


Driving AR Process Improvement

Learn how to decrease denials and increase cashflow by downloading our on-demand webinar. This webinar presentation highlights how intelligent automation and data analytics can drive AR process improvement and enable you to identify and correct the seven most common root causes for denied, delayed and underpaid insurance claims. Examples of process improvement through root cause analysis are highlighted to show how to impact the operating margins for your hospital.


Zero-Balance Insurance AR: how most hospitals are leaving money on the table

Most hospitals and health systems think there is nothing left when they write-off accounts after they complete their AR follow-up. However, most are leaving up to 1% of their net patient revenue uncollected when writing off the accounts which can add up to millions of dollars over time. Learn how adding zero-balance AR reviews to your AR management strategy can reap huge financial benefits.



cover page of "Building a Financial Safety Net" whitepaper

Building a Financial Safety Net

Hospitals continue to face substantial financial and operational pressures, despite COVID-19’s long retreat. An historically tight labor market, rapidly rising costs, and changes in reimbursement and payer mix have left many organizations at or near the brink of financial jeopardy. To counter these adverse financial trends, it is critical for organizations to establish a financial safety net that can help them achieve and sustain revenue integrity.


Zero-Balance Claims Reviews – a critical backstop for AR management strategies

zero-balance reviews of closed balance accounts performed by an experienced partner represent a final safety net at the end of the revenue cycle management process that’s been shown to generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually for hospitals and health systems.


whitepaper cover page

Revenue Cycle Executive Game Plan: Proven Automation Strategies that Deliver Results

Healthcare leaders can no longer expect traditional revenue cycle processes to produce the desired outcomes. To maximize cash flow, hospitals must instead harness automation and advanced analytics to augment their existing approaches at each step of the revenue cycle. Learn how this 6-step end-to-end action plan can transform your revenue cycle operations.


4 Strategic Area to Mitigate Revenue Loss – Quickly Adapting to Lost Revenue as Pandemic Rolls On

Whether, and to what extent, the industry can return to its pre-pandemic state remains unknown. But rather than simply waiting and hoping for the best, this whitepaper discusses four key areas hospitals can address right now to mitigate or reverse revenue losses.


Staying Financially Healthy

As the COVID-19 crisis deepens, hospitals nationwide are scrambling to overcome unprecedented clinical and patient care demands and disruptions. As essential as these efforts are, it is also important that providers take steps to protect their revenue cycle operations and limit the economic fallout the pandemic is likely to produce.


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CMS Price Transparency Mandate Is Here: 4 Critical Tasks for Achieving Compliance

With the federal government’s price transparency regulations recently strengthened to include stiffer penalties, hospitals and health systems must move quickly to ensure full compliance with the spirit and letter of the landmark regulation. Help ensure compliance with this landmark regulation with this 4-step process.


Transforming Bad Debt into Revenue

Multiple factors continue to fuel an increase in hospital bad debt, squeezing already-thin hospital margins and undermining financial stability. Many facilities don’t have systems in place to recover bad debt and most don’t expect to collect more than 20 cents on the dollar.

Learn how four non-conventional approaches can reduce write-offs and improve collections.


Top 3 Hospital Departments with High Denial Volume

Gaining control over denials to reduce chronic revenue loss and costly remediation requires accurate information about where, when and why denials are occurring. HFRI has identified the top three departments where denials are the most prevalent. Download our whitepaper to learn how to decrease denials and improve margins.


3 Ways to Accelerate your Financial Transformation: Take your Pricing and Revenue Cycle Management to the Next Level

Overcome the challenges of hospital pricing and revenue cycle management with a systematic approach grounded in empirical evidence and a capable staff implementing proven solutions. Download our whitepaper discussing the three ways to accelerate your financial transformation for improved revenue capture and better margins.


4 Steps to Reducing Aged AR Denial Write-offs and Increasing Cash Collections

Today, more medical claims are denied than ever before, forcing hospitals and health systems to write-off tens of millions in bad debt every year. Health insurance claims that are too small, too old – or both – are left on the table, leaving AR teams to focus only on what seems the most likely to be recovered. Learn how you can recover the AR you thought was too old to collect and get every dollar you deserve from payers with our 4-step process.


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