What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You – A deep dive into how using intelligent automation can revolutionize your AR recovery

Increase AR Efficiency and Accuracy with Intelligent Automation

With insurance denials and payment delays at an all-time high, many hospital systems are seeking to use advanced automation technologies to increase efficiency for expedited insurance recovery. This webinar will present real-world examples featuring a how-to guide on getting started with implementing intelligent automation and robotic process automation (RPA) to accelerate AR recovery.

Key takeaways from the presentation include an understanding of:

  • Strategies to select optimal processes to automate
  • The steps to get started to implement intelligent automation and RPA
  • Using intelligent automation and RPA to generate appeals and adjustments without human intervention

ParaRev is a leader in accounts receivable recovery and resolution. The company works as a virtual extension of your hospital’s central billing office to help resolve and collect more of your insurance accounts receivables faster while improving operating margins through a seamless partnership with your internal team.

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