CMS Price Transparency Mandate Is Here: 4 Critical Tasks for Achieving Compliance

Price transparency is here. Is your hospital in compliance?

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With the federal government’s price transparency regulations recently strengthened to include stiffer penalties, hospitals and health systems must move quickly to ensure full compliance with the spirit and letter of the landmark regulation.

Providers must therefore address the following four tasks to meet the regulatory mandates:
Step 1: Price Optimization
Step 2: CMS Requirement 1 Compliance
Step 3: CMS Requirement 2 Compliance
Step 4: The Patient Interface

An End-to-End Solution

Unlike other companies, ParaRev has developed a comprehensive solution that helps hospitals rapidly execute all four steps necessary to comply with the transparency rule.

Time is of the essence, so don’t delay. Contact ParaRev today to learn how we can help you achieve these critical objectives.

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