Zero-Balance Claims Reviews – a critical backstop for AR management strategies

Four Steps to Improving Collections Through an External Zero-Balance Review

Most healthcare systems or organizations typically don’t have the time, resources or expertise to conduct in-depth reviews of denied or unpaid aged claims. However, zero-balance reviews of closed balance accounts performed by an experienced partner represent a final safety net at the end of the revenue cycle management process that’s been shown to generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually for hospitals and health systems.
Learn about the four primary steps that should be included in a zero-balance review:

  1. Scrutinize contracts
  2. Evaluate discharge files
  3. Perform in-depth, 360-degree review
  4. Recommend improvements

Learn how you can bring additional revenue to your bottom line

Reclaim revenue you thought was lost through zero balance AR reviews. Once integrated into your hospital’s AR strategy, zero balance reviews will help bring additional revenue directly to your bottom line.
Pararev can help you progress toward the goal of zero-percent write-offs through our comprehensive AR solutions. We’re able to resolve all claims, regardless of size or age quickly, and conduct zero-balance claims reviews and root cause analysis to ensure you’re collecting every dollar you deserve. Contact us today to learn more.

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