Revenue Cycle Executive Game Plan: Proven Automation Strategies that Deliver Results

Harness the power of automation

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Healthcare leaders can no longer expect traditional revenue cycle processes to produce the desired outcomes. To maximize cash flow, hospitals must instead harness automation and advanced analytics to augment their existing approaches at each step of the revenue cycle which includes:

  1. Price optimization and transparency
  2. Automated denial management and process flow
  3. Root cause analysis
  4. Division of labor
  5. AR strategies for aged accounts
  6. Zero-balance reviews of closed balance accounts

Developing an end-to-end action plan—from pricing through closed-claims audits—can help transform revenue cycle operations.

Optimize revenue and reduce leakage with ParaRev services and software

ParaRev offers a full spectrum of healthcare revenue cycle management services, from front-end charge master analysis and contract management to end-of-cycle zero-balance denial recovery.

ParaRev’s comprehensive capabilities, when aligned with hospital internal teams, can help hospitals improve operating margins and collect additional revenue.

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