Driving AR Process Improvement

Accelerate Cashflow by Eliminating the Primary Causes of Rejections

With denials at an all-time high, many hospital systems are desperate to stem the tide. This webinar will discuss how intelligent automation and data analytics can accelerate the isolation, identification and resolution of the primary causes of rejections while providing a more in-depth understanding of your accounts receivable inventory.

Key takeaways from the presentation include an understanding of:

  • How intelligent automation and data analytics can drive AR process improvement
  • The seven most common root causes for denied, delayed and underpaid insurance claims
  • How, why and where payment delays are occurring
  • Corrective strategies for these common accounts receivable issues and their financial impact

How can we help?

ParaRev is a leader in accounts receivable recovery and resolution. The company works as a virtual extension of your hospital’s central billing office to help resolve and collect more of your insurance accounts receivables faster while improving operating margins through a seamless partnership with your internal team.

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