Primary & Secondary AR Recovery and Resolution

Revenue Capture

ParaRev pursues your aging, small-balance claims identified by your staff as problematic. If a claim has previously been worked internally, referring it to ParaRev’s dedicated, specialized teams can help ensure quicker cash conversion and a reduction of bad debt reserves.

Primary AR recovery and resolution

ParaRev helps ensure hospitals and health systems quicker cash conversions and a reduction of bad debt reserves through a team of dedicated specialists combined with intelligent automation, our proprietary, next generation technology. ParaRev supports your specific AR requirements by working claims based on your processes – both small and high-balance claims as well as highly-aged claims. Our flexibility and scalability allow us to work in partnership with your CBO to recover and resolve all outstanding insurance claims based on your balance and age criteria.

Improve your AR with our core competencies:

  • Provide a virtual extension to bolster your central billing office’s resources with a dedicated, knowledgeable and responsive team of experts who have specific experience with your payers
  • Integrate seamlessly with your systems and sits on the background for ease of working relationship
  • Decrease cycle time through transformative intelligent automation and advanced business process engineering expertise
  • Ensure all claims, no matter age or balance, are effectively worked to 100% resolution utilizing appropriate staffing
  • Prevent future AR issues through proactive denial management using root cause analytics to identify and address problems at the source
  • Ensure the security of your PHI with HITRUST CSF certification

Pre write-off (Secondary) AR recovery and resolution

Hospitals and health systems are realizing that the highly-aged claims they would have written off, present a potentially major, untapped revenue stream. Also known as secondary assigned accounts or second placement AR services, pre write-off insurance collections provide a critical safeguard to ensure no insurance payments legitimately due the hospital go uncollected, regardless of age. Through a team of dedicated specialists combined with intelligent automation– our proprietary, next generation technology, ParaRev can efficiently pursue these claims and maximize cash returns.

Benefits of enlisting a pre write-off recovery partner:

  • The establishment of an AR management process that offers a systematic approach to obtaining 100% claims resolution
  • A reduction in write-offs, a commensurate increase in cash flow and a decrease in bad debt reserves caused by aging accounts
  • The creation of incentives that push primary AR vendors to optimize their processes
  • Greater transparency to enable hospitals to evaluate performance across the entire revenue cycle
  • Let ParaRev focus on those claims that are approaching the end of the typical recovery cycle to help you collect more cash.
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