Charge Master Review

Revenue Integrity

With the emergence of codes as the basis for almost all forms of reimbursement, charge master coding and maintenance has become a daily chore. Ensure your hospital’s Charge Master is up-to-date and compliant by having ParaRev identify and correct errors, compliance issues and missing charges.

The ParaRev HIM Staff will review Medicare, Medicaid and Workers Comp code changes on a monthly basis and update the charge master where required, any changes which impact the charge creation and capture process will be reviewed in the monthly RMC.

The ParaRev Charge Master Review deliverables include: Checking invalid HCPCS/CPT® and Revenue Codes, checking line items for charge compliance and modifiers, checking valid code assignment, checking pricing internally and against fee schedules and pricing data, reporting and implementing updates. The desk review can be expanded with an “on-site review” to meet with each of the Revenue Department Managers and complemented with a “Claim Review” and on-site visit.

One of the main goals of the program is to empower and unleash the entrepreneurial forces contained within each Department Manager. Managers are encouraged to update codes, prices and add services throughout the month, Managers are often frustrated by the slow pace of the current charge maintenance process. ParaRev’s services ensure that everyone is involved in the charge master maintenance process.

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