Purchase Item Master Review

Revenue Integrity

Many health care organizations experience difficulties capturing and billing supply charges due to inconsistencies between the purchase item master (PIM) and the Charge Description Master (CDM) billing system. Many times these systems are not linked; and therefore become unsynchronized resulting in lost revenue and other compliance concerns. ParaRev’s Purchase Item Master Review brings together the coding and financial analytic components of our services to create a link and a process to appropriately maintain the purchase item master (PIM) and Charge Description Master (CDM) systems simultaneously.

Determining which supply items are billable and maintaining consistency between the Purchase Item Master (PIM) and the Charge Description Master (CDM) can become a daunting task for revenue cycle and materials management personnel. 

The goal of the PIM review is to identify all billable items contained within the PIM and reconcile the PIM by line item to the CDM. The review also analyzes the HCPCS and revenue codes for the PIM/CDM items, to ensure compliant and appropriate supply billing practices.