Underpayment Recovery

Revenue Capture

ParaRev’s Underpayment Recovery service consists of Underpayment ParaRev’s STAT Revenue team applies nationwide revenue cycle expertise to recover underpayments from your payers. Our recommendations and trainings deliver customized and innovative solutions to your hospital. We enable your team to minimize future underpayment exposure, while recovering existing contractual underpayments to improve your bottom line. Our underpayment recovery service includes:

Underpayment Recovery

Behind robust contract management systems, strong front line PFS staff, and third party vendors, ParaRev’s STAT Revenue collects millions of underpaid commercial and government insurance dollars. We go account by account to find your unique underpayment issues that are often missed by technology-based vendors. We get you every dime you’re due.

Transfer DRG Review

Hospitals can lose millions in revenue when Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients’ discharge status codes do not reflect the post-acute care received. While receipt of services is outside of your control, we will ensure claims are in compliance and will recover unwarranted payment reductions.

Staff Training & Education

Our process extends beyond underpayment recovery. We provide specialized trainings to bolster your team’s capabilities to resolve systemic errors and increase collection rates. Our best practice recommendations deliver customized and innovative solutions to your hospital to decrease future underpayment exposure.

Contract Consulting

Complex reimbursement methodologies and ambiguous contract language are often the reason behind underpayments. Our review begins with a comprehensive analysis to identify the risks associated with each contract. We’ll collect the insurance revenue you’re due, and help you close contractual loopholes in future negotiations.