Revenue Technology

Historically EMR systems are built to store, summarize, and manage medical information, providing minimal guidance when working an account to resolution; ParaRev offers an add-on solution that builds in everything that someone needs—whether they are a brand-new hire or an experienced denials analyst—in order to work accurately and efficiently every time, on every claim

ProblemsOur Solutions
Keeping track of all the rules, regulations, and guidelines between different regions, carriers, and hospitals With our technology-based approach, we build all rules and guidelines directly into our workflow system, we create a centralized location for information, eliminating the need to dig through emails and double-checking payor known-issue logs and other spreadsheets
Ensuring uniformity of work done by in-house staff and outside vendors can be a challengeSince any specific preferences are built into our system, all workflows follow the same steps for any “like” issues/carriers
Auto-notation creates a fast, structured history of accounts through uniform message choices
Quality across team members (in-house and vendors) can be hard to ensureHuman error significantly reduced since the system flags when hospital and insurance rules are not followed
Automation also improves through the machine learning of the rules and of insurance behaviors
Targeting the right inventory to maximize collections is a time-consuming processWith machine-learning, our automation process optimally prioritizes what should be worked first—automatically, without time-consuming man hours
Our system tailors worklists to specialized analysts, allowing greater efficiency as they work to their area of expertise, and easily guides them through all detailed processes
Vendors can be a huge additional costWith your EDI data and access to your systems, HFRI’s tech-based hybrid approach to AR allows us to do more, to do it faster, and to do it at a lower price

ParaPath is our proprietary AR follow-up decision software which guides our reps through the AR process with no deviation and auto-notates their actions within the program and is fully and utterly customizable to you and your needs and workflow—no more workarounds because our software is set up for you.

The program helps keep track of myriad of rules, regulations, & guidelines by storing everything in one place—our system—in a way that’s easy to follow and connect with. Our auto-notation creates a fast, structured history of accounts through uniform message choices to ensure uniformity of work. Unlike other software that can generate static “canned” notes tied to certain internal actions, ParaRev’s system builds notation from the answers and inputs of users on individual account actions, resulting in notation that is uniform, accurate, and—as with all aspects of the system—completely customizable.

By utilizing automated categorization when organizing worklists around the root issues, ParaRev eliminates the time and need to manually identify the problem, allowing our reps to start the account work immediately.

ParaPath allows you to monitor and guide your staff and vendors to make sure they work the exact way you want them to with the steps you need them to take. Through machine-learning, our automation process optimally prioritizes the accounts that should be worked first to make sure you are targeting the correct inventory and maximizing collections.

With your EDI data and access to your systems, our tech-based hybrid approach allows us to do more, faster, and at a lower price.

The benefits:

  • Reduce cost to collect
  • Single storage place for all your rules and guidelines—kept up-to-date for all staff in one uniform place  
  • Ensures uniformity of work from your team & outside vendors, regardless of experience level
  • Ensures uniformity of notation and actions  
  • Accelerates production from team members  
  • Accelerates start up of new team members 
  • ParaRev does all the heavy lifting requiring minimal client IT assistance