ParaRev Data Editor

Revenue Technology

Huge budget cuts, cost saving initiatives and the uncertainty of not using the technology to its fullest has lead healthcare providers to consolidate to a single source platform in order to save time, money and resources.

The ParaRev Data Editor (PDE) is a robust web-based single source solution for pricing, coding, reimbursement and compliance for the hospital revenue cycle that is proven to improve reimbursement and compliance.

Comprehensive resources to support providers in analyzing, repairing, and improving the revenue cycle process all in one place:

  • Charge Quote/Price Transparency ‐ Provide accurate and timely price quotes. EDI interface to allow real‐time eligibility verification, fulfill the CMS Price Transparency requirements
  • Charge Process ‐ Streamlined process to add, change and inactivate items in your Charge Master, research databases to accurately add new services to the Charge Master
  • Claim/RA Evaluator ‐ Evaluate 835/837 EDA data to ensure proper billing and reimbursement, analyze denial trends for follow up
  • Payer Contract Analysis ‐ Manage and model all contracts for price transparency, pricing analysis, claim reconciliation and pro forma modeling of contract terms for improved reimbursement
  • Pricing Data ‐ Unlimited access to current detailed peer market data for four defined markets of your competition’s prices
  • Pricing Iterations ‐ Create pricing scenarios to determine the net and gross revenue impact to promote transparency and improve your competitive position
  • Pharmacy/Supplies Markup ‐ Manage all pharmacy and supply mark‐ups for price appropriateness in an easy-to-use interface
  • Filters/CDM ‐ Access to current/historic charge master files, to manage all coding and billing issues and ensure an up to date and compliant charge master
  • Calculator ‐ Query-based research tool that allows for access to current/historic billing and coding information, LCDs, NCDs, and Reimbursement
  • Advisor ‐ Educational repository for all supporting documentation on industry changes (MedLearn, OIG, RAC, and CMS transmittals, articles and bulletins)
  • CMS ‐ Data mine Inpatient and Outpatient Medicare claims data from 2006 to present to identify and correct compliance and reimbursement issues

The ParaRev Data Editor (PDE) system deliverables include providing a centralized, online, encyclopedic resource of current and historic regulatory information, code book subscriptions, charge master guidelines, and hospital specific revenue management data.