Transfer DRG Review

Revenue Capture

Hospitals can lose millions in revenue when Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients’ discharge status codes do not reflect the post-acute care received. While receipt of services is outside of your control, PARAREV’s STAT Revenue team will ensure claims are in compliance and will recover unwarranted payment reductions.

Nationally, the impact of incorrect post-acute transfer payment reductions amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars lost per year. Qualifying Medicare and Medicare Advantage claims receive a payment reduction when patients are transferred to another provider to continue treatment. Unfortunately, patients do not always comply with their discharge instructions and do not receive these post-acute services as planned. This results in improper payment reductions for your hospital.

Our thorough review of qualifying claims to ensure receipt of post-acute care as planned can provide your hospital with a significant boost in revenue. Our proven Transfer DRG Review service allows your hospital to recover unjustified payment reductions for claims with discharges in the last four years.

The review necessary to identify these claims is extremely time consuming and most hospitals don’t have the resources necessary to perform this review themselves.  Let us identify instances of non-transfer to capture this revenue for you, while also giving you the peace of mind your claims are accurately and compliantly reflecting the actual services received.

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