Legacy System Conversions for Healthcare

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For hospitals and health systems, replacing or upgrading an electronic health record (EHR) is a major undertaking fraught with operational and financial risk. Whether you’re upgrading your legacy system or integrating an acquisition into your current system, it’s essential that you ensure the smooth transition of clinical information, accurate coding, demographic, and financial data to sustain billing operations.

Supporting a seamless revenue cycle conversion requires extensive planning and training, along with laser-like focus on the operations and features of the new platform. Yet too often, billing personnel are pulled in multiple directions as they scramble to master the complexities of the new system while trying to wind down aging accounts receivable (AR) tied to the legacy platform.

Attempting to juggle these competing duties can produce the worst of both worlds: The volume of outgoing claims submitted through the new system falls, while unresolved accounts in the old platform pile up. Cash flow erodes as days in AR and denials increase. And if unanticipated problems or delays emerge during the EHR implementation, the financial problems can quickly snowball.

ParaRev can help

Let us help you mitigate these risks and preserve cash flow by handling the legacy accounts, allowing internal staff to concentrate solely on handling new system billing activities. By focusing just on the new system, in-house personnel can more quickly develop the skills and knowledge necessary to assemble and submit claims in an accurate and expeditious manner.

Do you have times where you have a backlog of old accounts? ParaRev can help you here, too by deploying a team of experts to help you clean up these episodic backlogs.

With ParaRev as your partner you can be assured that all aging denials are worked methodically and completely to resolution. That means cash can be collected on accounts that otherwise would likely have been written off.

“Trying to work on two systems during an EHR upgrade is challenging. ParaRev handled the AR legacy winddown allowing our employees to concentrate on the new system. This approach helped maintain our cashflow without increasing AR inventory.”

Protect your cash flow and reduce AR risk throughout your EHR transition. Learn how by downloading our whitepaper.

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