The 7 Most Common Root Causes

Get to the root of your AR challenges.

With denials at an all-time high, many hospital systems are desperate to stem the tide. Combining lost revenue with the administrative costs of recovery and rework leaves almost every hospital wondering how to get to the bottom of the problem.

What has helped hospitals across the country is a valuable partnership. Having a trusted partner that can work every claim, no matter the age or size, every day can mean the difference between ballooning denials and an accounts receivable (AR) ledger that’s manageable.

ParaRev, an industry leading AR follow-up, recovery and resolution management firm, has helped hospital systems around the country manage denials and address their aging receivables.

We can help you

With ParaRev as an extension of your back office, you can count on our expertise and knowledge to improve cash flow, lower administrative costs and reduce write-offs. Download our whitepaper analyzing the root causes of delays and denials and learn 7 key strategies for improving your AR today.

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